Posted on: May 12, 2009 5:29 pm

Top 10 Punch Drunk People

10. Quincy Carter - Carter was arrested for marijuana possession and DWI in Mission, Texas back in February. He was arrested Sunday because he violated parole. This guy was once the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys and now he can't stay out of jail because of drugs. Back away from the marijuana until you are off parole. Enjoy some Courvoisier and then have a cab drive you home.

9. The Fan who complained about his son being bumped by Glen "Big Baby" Davis. - Was the kid hurt? No. Was the kid emotionally scarred? No. Was he sitting on the front row and got bumped? Yes. Should anyone care? No.
You are just another person trying to gain a little fame for doing nothing. When did we start printing stories about whiners?

8. Roger Clemens - Just go away. Innocent or guilty, I don't care.

7. Brett Favre - You had you shot with the Jets. How did that go? No Playoffs. You should have retired a Packer. Now you might play for the divisional rival, Vikings. Don't. Enjoy you ranch, do some hunting, drink some beer and give it up. Hey maybe Roger Clemens is free. Your shoulder is shot and you are old in football years.

6. Tennessee football Coach Lane Kiffin - Your players are fleeing like rats on a ship. You are calling other schools out. You haven't won a game at Tennessee. You are replacing a man that won a National Title. You got your genius daddy to come coach with you, which is really the only thing you got going for you. Shut up; don't say a word until you win the SEC. I am willing to bet you will be done and gone before that happens.

5. NY Yankees -
Seats in the first nine rows, called the Legends Suite, cost $500 to $2,625 a seat. Fix it. Lower you prices. Get People in those seats. The market has tanked, no one at a big corporation wants to get caught dead for fear of Obama retribution. Those seats are shown every game on TV, being empty is embarrassing.

4. NBA Crew Game 3 Mavs-Nuggets. You called 61 fouls. That game took over the game and slowed it down. It was almost unwatchable. You didn't let the players play, you called every little thing. And with 6 seconds left and a foul to give you swallow you whistle. Common sense, you have none. This series could be 2-2.

3. Kenyon Martin – You have a tattoo of lips on your neck. Only Mike Tyson has a worse tattoo. Too bad they don’t play these games in turtlenecks.

2. Mark Cuban – Are you crazy? Have you lost your mind? We appreciate what you have done for the Mavericks in Dallas. Now buy a clue. You are the owner, not some beer swilling fan like me. Act like. Enjoy that you own the team. Get a haircut, buy some better clothes and sit in the skybox or next game I may find you, punk.

1. Manny Ramirez – Erectile dysfunction. Female hormones. 50 game suspension. Loss of 7.7 Million dollars in pay. Manny being Manny.

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